Unvented, Conditioned Crawl Spaces

Unvented & Conditioned Crawl Spaces

All Health-E Community homes are built upon ventless condition crawlspaces. A properly sealed, moisture protected, and insulated crawlspace will increase comfort, save on energy costs, and improve the durability of the home as well as reduce the entry of moisture, mold, and other potential irritants into the home. The crawlspace ground surface is covered with an approved vapor retardant and the walls are insulated rather than the floor.

Unvented & Conditioned Crawl Spaces

Since the crawlspace is conditioned, water pipes located in the conditioned crawlspace are much less likely to freeze, any ductwork located in the crawlspace is within conditioned space, and condensation is less likely to occur since hot, humid air is no longer coming in contact with cool floor joists, water pipes, and ductwork.

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