HVAC Systems (Availiable on homes for sale or through "Your Next Step To Homeownership"™ program)


HVAC System

All Health-E Community homes contain engineered HVAC systems that are located inside the conditioned space of the home. Engineered systems ensure proper equipment sizing which in turn ensures optimal efficiency and run-times.

The other key opponent to the HVAC system is the duct system. Duct systems that leak and/or do not distribute air properly throughout the house may make some rooms too hot and others too cold. Leaky and unbalanced duct systems may force conditioned air outside and unconditioned air into the house. This increases heating and cooling costs and may also draw humidity, dust, mold spores, and other contaminants into the home. For these reasons, Health-E Community homes duct systems are mechanically fastened and sealed with duct Mastic prior to insulation to prevent air leakage.

Two other components of Health-E Community homes HVAC system are a fresh air intake into the air handler to bring fresh air into the house with an optional humidifier or a Energy Recovery Ventilator installed in the home to help control relative humidity and help ventilate the home from contaminated air which once escaped through cracks around windows and doors. Health-E Community focuses strongly on occupant comfort, proper air distribution, and economical heating and cooling system operation.


Duct Mastic Sealing

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